Blueberry Sales

Our blueberries are handpicked and packed daily, cooled down and ready for dispatch to select retailers around Melbourne.
Our berries are Genuinely FRESH, why buy blueberries from Woolworths or Coles when our Blueberry farm sells direct to public blueberries that are not stored away for days and weeks then sold.
Our Blueberry farm in Yarra Valley has gained a reputation for quality and freshness and continue to maintain this high standard in our whole farming and harvesting operation.
There are 10 different Blueberry varieties grown on our property, all with their own unique flavour, and all delicious. Our berries are available to purchase either by wholesale boxes, 12 / 125gram punnets or loose punnets.

So why not come and try our fantastic fresh blueberries for yourself.

Direct from our farm at Steels Creek.