Dinosaur Trail

Walk with dinosaurs…

As you get closer to the garden listen very carefully – can you hear any dinosaurs roar?  Our family of 12 dinosaurs lives in the Jurassic enclosure with a giant tortoise and some baby hatchlings.  As you push open the gate you’ll see clumps of bamboo, large leafy plants, and unusual flowering shrubs, all of which are perfect for dinos to hide in. We’ve created a special microclimate within the garden, just for the dinosaurs, so you can experience what it was like back when they roamed the earth. Some of our dinosaurs are meat eaters, others live off berries – learn all about them on your mudmap.

If you can hear running water too, see if you can find the mud-stone waterfall hidden amongst the tall bamboo.

We’re now closed until Saturday 16 November, when fresh blueberries will be in season again.

To purchase our frozen blueberries, please call or message Rodolfo to make an appointment on 0419 586 506