Theme Gardens

Our blueberry farm is three times the size of the MCG so there are plenty of wide open spaces to run around and fill your lungs with fresh air.  Follow the pathways that lead to specialty gardens (ideal for a game of hide and seek) designed with kids in mind, all with a brilliant view.

Come for the day and enjoy the vast lawn areas (bring a picnic and throw down a rug), and take a stroll among our roses, ornamental pears, and maple trees and see if you can spot which trees are oaks, bottle trees, golden rain, and weeping trees.

We’re now closed until Saturday 16 November, when fresh blueberries will be in season again.

To purchase our frozen blueberries, please call or message Rodolfo to make an appointment on 0419 586 506

Entertaining and Educational

Dinosaur Trail

Did you know we have a family of dinosaurs living in a prehistoric garden behind a huge Jurassic Fence?  Grab a mud map when you arrive at the farm and turn it over to learn all about the dinosaurs you’re about to meet.

Lifelike, But Tiny

Miniatures Garden

Come and visit the inhabitants of this amazing garden full of teeny tiny characters going about their day – think gnomes with fishing rods, the seven dwarves coming home from work, fruit and veg people sitting around on rocks, mushroom houses, tree houses (carved out of logs by Oasis Berry Farms’ owner Rodolfo), tiny birds and butterflies, fairies on see-saws, chickens laying eggs, a dog, miniature houses, even a candy shop!

Year Round Beauty

Conifer Garden

Imagine a garden bed with 120 closely planted conifers, junipers and speciality miniature pine trees. Our conifer garden bed is near where you park, so you can’t miss it.  It’s a beautiful backdrop for photos (or bring your easel and do some painting) as the mix of plants creates a lovely blend of natural yellows and greens, and they maintain their colour and foliage throughout the year. You’ll be seeing them in summer, when their evergreen colours are still vibrant despite the sun/heat and we think you’ll agree, these plants make an eye-catching feature.

A Sensory Experience

Rose Garden

Lovers of a rose display will so enjoy our rose-lined pathways, and you’ll be able to appreciate the vibrant colours from just about any part of our farm.

Breathe in the aromatic scent as you wander past the roses and pause to bury your head in the petals.  You’ll be amazed at the array of colours from the 200 hybrid tea and floribunda roses (24 cultivars). We block planted our roses by their variety which makes a truly magnificent backdrop for keen photographers.  It’s a knack keeping roses looking spectacular for months and we invest considerable time in maintaining, fertilising and pruning them.

An Unexpected Oasis

Tropical Garden

Wander into this tropical paradise, filled with heady scent and vibrant colours, tall dense palms and clumping bamboo.  Not many palms cope with our cold climate and the frosts that we get in the Yarra Valley, and some of the palms we tried to grow were fine in summer but then got burnt by our winter frosts. But after a fair amount of trial and error, we finally found the varieties that can tolerate our cool climate weather conditions and we now have a great selection of densely planted palms, (being planted close together creates warmth and helps them survive).

Treasure Island in the Yarra Valley

Water Features

You can see the lower dam from the jetty – with its palm tree on the island. Legend has it there’s buried treasure on this island, so see if you can find some.  You’ll pass the arid garden on your way to the island (it’s perfect for playing a quick game of hide and seek) and make sure you check out the Queensland bottle tree (rare to see one growing this far south).

When you’ve gone over the bridge onto the island, you’ll be walking on fine pebbles that feel like sand. It’s fun being on an island with water all around – it’s an oasis, at Oasis Berry Farms.